In a dramatic moment, I think we should focus more than ever on our sense of responsibility.

Responsibility towards our people,
our businesses, our civil society.

As entrepreneurs and managers we have an imperative to act to protect our employees, addressing industrial challenges to preserve the value we created so far, and support in whatever way we can the efforts to limit the outbreak. Being ready to restart, faster than ever, once we get out of this ugly situation.

Let me call it: “All-In Commitment”.

We do not know yet if this will be just a major shock to the economy or a pandemic recession, but certainly the Covid-19 outbreak is first and foremost a public health emergency…

… which is turning into a human tragedy affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Epidemiologists are unsure how events will play out. From the global economy perspective, a range of outcomes is possible, but in principle it is just a financial problem: beyond the short term impact of the epidemics, there is no fundamental reason for asset re-pricing, as long as the financial distress of affected households, businesses and countries is effectively managed through the coordination of political and monetary authorities – in order not to permanently impair the underlying economic infrastructure.