ENGIE Eps announced the launch of the FamilyWorking Manifesto: a new way of remote working that puts family at its centre by combining family balance and work.

The implementation of a realistic Phase 2 plan during the COVID-19 emergency must have as a fundamental pillar the protection of children while allowing parents the return to full-time work.

The data that emerged from a recent survey involving 65 thousand workers and parents of more than 100 thousand children and teenagers1 report as the main difficulties the concern about the state of discomfort of children and the management of smart working as a “full-time parent”.

ENGIE Eps will make FamilyWorking available to its more than one hundred employees: a new way of working remotely that promotes family balance through a flexible working time organization. FamilyWorking is an assumption of responsibility by ENGIE Eps towards its employees, including those without children, which translates into positively recognizing five essential rights: to Technology, to Absolute Flexibility, to Time for the Family, to Wellness both Physical and Mental and to Being a Parent.